meI like cooking healthy food and I like experimenting in my small kitchen with weird and wonderful ingredients to produce healthy, nutritious and tasty meals.  This blog is dedicated to healthy food only with all recipes either dairy or sugar free, or gluten and wheat free, low fat, low GI, etc. There are no meat recipes here since I do not eat meat, but some with fish and seafood. I have tried many healthy diets, from alkaline, to raw, to vegan and from dairy free to soy free, so you will find the dishes suitable for almost any diet.

Usually, I follow recipes found in books and substitute a fair bit of ingredients for healthier options. Sometimes it leads to reworking a recipe completely, but the final product comes out good…most of the time. I only publish the best outcomes of my culinary experiments in this blog though.

I am interested in nutrition, bodybuilding and fitness in general, longevity, transhumanism, cryonics, medical and other sciences and technology. I also enjoy good books and movies, like alternative music and the lifestyle inspired by it and RP games. I was born in far east of Russia, where I was influenced by Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. Later in life I moved to Moscow and then to London. Since then, I have travelled extensively all over Europe and have been to US once. My relatives on my father’s side are German and my husband is Norwegian, but we like to call ourselves Europeans, because we were, and still are affected by different European cultures.

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