Blueberry Crumble Teacake.

First time I’ve made this cake, I have used flour and more sugar than I would usually use in a recipe. The teacake came out so delicious that I thought: “if I’m going to make this often, it ought to be healthier than this”, so I’ve tried to improve on ingredients and to […]

Stuffed Orange.

This is not a recipe but rather an idea that I would like to share. I don’t have anything decent looking for serving soft desserts like puddings. My ramekins are too small and the rest of the wares are not pretty enough. So I’ve spotted this idea of serving a pudding in the […]

Soft Vegan Brownies.

These delicious, soft, melt-in-your-mouth brownies are completely guilt free. Not only they are vegan, baking with ground almonds and agave nectar instead of sugar makes them low-GI, wheat and gluten-free – heavenly! You can substitute Agave nectar with Xylitol if trying to avoid fructose.

Yields 12 squares.

200ml […]

Ginger And Chestnut Festive Cheesecake.

Chestnuts in various forms have become my favorite ingredient. Who would have thought that a simple nut can be so versatile and bring out wonderful flavours in dishes all year round, not only during Christmas. I particularly like desserts made with chestnuts and this is one definitely my favorite so far – I […]

Pear And Almond Chocolate Tart.

This dairy free dessert has a nice feeling to it, because it smells marzipan, but tastes chocolate, and what you see is pears which are neither almondy, nor chocolaty. I found it very interesting. As usual, I do not use any dairy products or sugar here, and sweeten the cake with Xylitol. Because […]

Sugar Free Vegan Apricot Pie.

I love desserts made with fresh apricots! They become juicy when heated through and taste tart, yet sweet – very addicting! You don’t have to use sugar at all for this recipe, so I just used one spoon of Xylitol to sweeten the pastry. Try to buy sugar free, natural apricot jam. I […]

Homemade Energy Balls.

These are much healthier than energy snacks you buy in stores. They are perfect to chew on after cardio workout or if you need a little extra energy at work, but don’t want to buy a candy bar. Sugar is a good temporary energy and cognitive enhancer, so these date and nut balls […]

Wheat Free Banana And Walnut Bread

This is another proof that wheat and sugar free cakes can be just as tasty as regular ones. In fact, I found this bread a bit too sweet for my taste (although I must admit, I don’t have a sweet tooth) so next time I’ll use less xylitol. Brown rice flour, rolled oats […]

Chocolate Protein Muffins

These muffins have a rich chocolate flavour of a shop bought muffin, but they are much healthier. Packed with protein, they are great post-workout snack as well as sweet breakfast of a healthier version of a dessert. These muffins are low fat, low GI and dairy free.

Makes 6 large or 12 medium muffins: […]

Raw Chocolate Truffles

Due to a high demand, I post this chocolate truffles recipe that I found. They are vary easy to make and very rich and yummy – once you try these, you won’t want any other truffle 🙂 They are also rich in antioxidants and the sweetness comes from dates, but it tastes chocolate. […]