Low Fat Chestnut Cake

I’ve discovered something new today! I have been using chestnuts before in savoury dishes, but I have never tried to use it in desserts. After making this cake I realised that I was missing out a lot! I stumbled upon the original recipe and it looked so good, even a health freak like me couldn’t […]

Almond And Hazelnut Cake

Adapted from “Sjokolade” book my mother-in-law – Anne-Grethe – gave me 🙂 This cake is wheat, gluten and dairy free and does not have any unnatural sugars.

For 8 servings:

4 eggs 100ml pure Agave nectar 100g ground almonds 50g ground hazelnuts 50g almond flakes

For glazing:

1 tbsp brandy or cognac […]

Wheat & Gluten Free Roasted Plums & Lemon Cake.

I don’t remember now where I found the recipe for this beauty, but of course I have adjusted it so this cake is dairy, wheat and gluten-free. Oh and there is no processed sugars here either. It tastes so nice, lite and refreshing I had to bake it two days in a row – we […]

Healthiest Ever Apple Cake

Now I can proudly say that this is my very own recipe. It was Sunday and I’ve had nothing sweet for my coffee. So I pillaged my kitchen cabinet (I only have one, lol) for dates and nuts, found some apple in the fridge and this is what came out of my oven 20 minutes […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Spiced Cookies

I found the original recipe for these cookies at Epicurious, adjusted it a bit of course to make it healthier, i. e. no sugar, no flour… and OMG! – they came out gorgeous! I’ll never make another chocolate cookie again! Well, at least this one will be my staple chocolate cookie recipe. I didn’t managed […]

Potpourri Pancake Pie

This recipe allows variation and is very easy and fast to make. Perfect for weekend breakfast! Let your creativity flow and experiment with tastes on this one.

My latest filling combination with no exact measurements – adjust ingredients however you like. Throw together anything. Add cocoa powder, chopped dried apricots, sliced bananas, etc., but the […]

Pumpkin & Pecan Bread

Spotted on FoodBuzz, adapted from Whole Grain Gourmet, this is a real treat Halloween or not. I will definitely make this again as it went straight to one of my favorites. For this recipe, I’ve replaced pumpkin puree with fresh roasted yellow squash. I’ve changed the original recipe quite a bit to make it slightly […]

Cashew Creme Brulee

Another simple raw recipe that is a great substitute for a whipped cream or mascarpone. You won’t believe how good it tastes and that it’s made of nuts!

To make this cream thicker, soft cheese-like consistency, simply add more cashews. Alternatively, add more fruit juice to thin it down. You can also add a tablespoon […]

Raw Chocolate & Walnut Cookies

With no artificial sugar, raw and vegan these cookies are to die for they are so yummy and good. Adapted from the recipe at rawmazing.

I don’t have a dehydrator yet, so I changed a few measurements and ingredients and left them to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Makes 10 medium […]

Very quick and easy to make oat and raisin bars.

I call this one “noms”, because they are so addictive. It is amazing how good they taste with just 3 ingredients! These sweet bars are sugar free, low fat, low GI and perfect for breakfast on the go or when you have munchies.

All measurements are approximate, you just have to make sure the end […]