Vegan Winter Root Vegetables & Bean Hash.

Very easy to make, comforting and warming, yet light enough dish. Ultimate autumn/winter fast food. This hash can be made with any combination of seasonal root vegetables and spiced to anyone’s taste. I prefer a hint of Mexican, so I use beans and Mexican spices such as cumin, cayenne and coriander. I think […]

Pan Fried Sea Bass With Feta & Bean Salad.

I personally do not need a special occasion to treat myself to a nice meal, but sometimes I make something that is healthy and has enough wow-factor to serve to guests, so I sort of make a note to self that I have to repeat this recipe one day. This is such recipe […]

King Prawns In Spicy Orange Sauce.

I found the original recipe at, but as usual, I had to change it to my requirements. I swapped canola oil for coconut oil, because I try not to use vegetable oils in my cooking as they are unstable and provide too much PUFAs. Coconut oil compliments spicy food very well, […]

Salmon Croquettes.

These are very easy to make salmon cakes and they are perfect for someone on low budget too. I usually try to avoid tinned food, but a good quality wild tinned salmon tastes great and is quite healthy. This is “clean” meal suitable for someone trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle […]

Roasted Red Peppers With Tofu And Sweet Potato Mash

This recipe is adapted from Patrick Holford’s “The Optimum Nutrition” cookbook to suite my dairy free diet. It has been one of my favorites for a long time and I finally managed to make a picture of it, so that I can post it here. This is a low fat and low GI, wheat and […]

Stuffed Sweet Peppers

This variation is dairy-free and vegan. If you do eat dairy products, use mozzarella balls or cottage cheese instead of vegan cheese. Sweet peppers can be of any colour, I just like the red ones best. Make sure that they are big enough for stuffing.

This recipe is low fat, low GI, vegan and dairy, […]

Salmon With Cauliflower Puree & Orange

I found the original recipe in Marie Claire magazine (yes I do read this stuff occasionally – get over it!), but it was supposed to be with scallops. I live in a part of London where there are no decent fishmongers and can only buy frozen scallops, which I wouldn’t do, because the taste is […]

Mushrooms Stuffed Aubergine with Sun Dried Tomatoes Tabbouleh

The way I cook mushrooms here is my classic. It goes well with anything: omelets, sandwiches, vegetables…I write this recipe here because it goes particularly well with grilled aubergine. Mmmm, I LOVE aubergines and there’s so much you can make with them! I served it with sun-dried tomatoes tabbouleh made of bulgur wheat, but for […]

Lemon and Butternut Squash Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms.

I have combined three different risotto recipes here and it came out gorgeous! The best risotto I have made so far and no cheese or broth was required, so I think it deserves my blog spot as it is healthy and tasty. Shiitake mushrooms and lemon add so much to the taste, broth would only […]