Healthy And Tasty Snack: Munchy Seeds.

Just wanted to mention Munchy Seeds here, because it is so convenient and nice to snack on them. These seed packs are healthy, and actually quite tasty and addicting, because they are flavoured with spices or soy sauce. There is even a sweet variety. This is definitely a great idea, and an excellent […]

Kimchi - Korean Superfood.

I just wanted to share my latest food craze – vacuum packed Kimchi. I am well familiar with Korean cuisine, as I was growing up in the far east and I love Korean and Japanese food. However, it was quite difficult to find these foods here in London when I first moved here. […]

Coconut Oil Is Healthy!

Just a quick post to share the article about health benefits of coconut oil. Many people tend to think that it is unhealthy because it is saturated fat, but it is in fact helps to lose weight and does not increase your cholesterol. Also, because of its high smoking point, it is one […]

Random Creations

Ok, here’s the thing: I try to cook something new every day. This is my challenge, it’s fun and I get to taste a lot of different dishes. Also it is a good way to increase the intake of vegetables and vary your diet. I have been doing this for a few years now and […]

Red Meat Chart

Awww, poor cow. We shouldn’t let poor things suffer, let’s just eat them so we both die horrible and timely death *rolls eyes*

Do not eat vietnamese river cobbler!

UPDATE: to my surprise, this first ever post that I published on this blog is the most popular one. Not the recipes, but this. I guess people like scandal 🙂 For this reason, I will keep this post, even though it seem to upset some people, since it has generated a good traffic. […]