Spicy & Crispy Baked Kale.

We all know that kale is super healthy, but I always found it a bit bland and uninteresting. Until I have tried to bake it that is. I’ve experimented quite a lot with different flavours and found this particular one to be the best for my taste, as it is both spicy and cheesy. Speaking […]

Lazy Sourdough Bread.

This is the best bread I’ve ever made. It is so good that I have been making it twice a week for over a year now, so it’s a bout time I shared it. I discovered it in the book called Cooking Help for Parents (Mathjeplen til Foreldre), which promotes cooking healthy home-made […]

Baked Saffron Cauliflower.

The recipe is adapted from beautiful Yotam Ottolenghi vegetarian cookbook. It was perfect, as I haven’t used saffron for a while and wanted to dress up my cauliflower side, so it wouldn’t be plain. Plain cauliflower is a bit boring…unless it’s raw, then it can be munchy. Especially with hummus.


Vegan Winter Root Vegetables & Bean Hash.

Very easy to make, comforting and warming, yet light enough dish. Ultimate autumn/winter fast food. This hash can be made with any combination of seasonal root vegetables and spiced to anyone’s taste. I prefer a hint of Mexican, so I use beans and Mexican spices such as cumin, cayenne and coriander. I think […]

Blueberry Crumble Teacake.

First time I’ve made this cake, I have used flour and more sugar than I would usually use in a recipe. The teacake came out so delicious that I thought: “if I’m going to make this often, it ought to be healthier than this”, so I’ve tried to improve on ingredients and to […]

Green Quinoa Salad.

This healthy quinoa salad is bursting with flavour of fresh herbs and spices. It is excellent for a lunch base, main side dish or a light summer salad. Prepared in advance, it can be stored in an airtight container for up to three days in a fridge and used for […]

Wasabi Spinach

I love wasabi and don’t like the taste of spinach, so this is my solution to eat more of these healthy, but – in my opinion – bland leaves. My wasabi dressing recipe inspired me to try this, and I was so pleased with the result, I now cook most of my green […]

Spiced Sweet Carrots.

This is one of my favorite way of eating carrots. Generally, I find them quite boring, but cooked in this way, they make for a good snack or side dish. The spices that I use also remind me of Christmas and of course I make these carrots quite often during winter months. The […]

Pan Fried Sea Bass With Feta & Bean Salad.

I personally do not need a special occasion to treat myself to a nice meal, but sometimes I make something that is healthy and has enough wow-factor to serve to guests, so I sort of make a note to self that I have to repeat this recipe one day. This is such recipe […]

Scrambled Tofu With Herbs.

This is a great alternative to eggs and a perfect example of healthy, clean, high protein and low fat breakfast. Add some berries or a grapefruit on the side and you have your healthy protein and lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Don’t skimp of fresh herbs – the more the better! Here I’ve […]