Green Side Salad.

Wow, I haven’t been updating for a while! I have been very busy with my other blog: so, didn’t have a chance to pop back here. I’m also on my three weeks detox diet, where I eat very simple meals, that are not boring, but not too exciting to post here either. […]

Curry And Peanut Butter Soup.

This has been my favourite soup ever since I’ve tried it, but I couldn’t make a decent picture of it to post here. It is still not perfect, but hey – I can’t keep this recipe to myself any longer. The combination is very unlikely, but it is very addictive and yummy. I […]

Pear And Almond Chocolate Tart.

This dairy free dessert has a nice feeling to it, because it smells marzipan, but tastes chocolate, and what you see is pears which are neither almondy, nor chocolaty. I found it very interesting. As usual, I do not use any dairy products or sugar here, and sweeten the cake with Xylitol. Because […]

Sun-Dried Tomato And Rosemary Spelt Bread.

New yeast-free bread recipe is here! According to my husband, this one is the best bread he ever tasted and it does taste good indeed, especially with a little cheese on it and a glass of good red wine. Yes, we have been eating a little bit of good quality cottage cheese for […]

Sugar Free Vegan Apricot Pie.

I love desserts made with fresh apricots! They become juicy when heated through and taste tart, yet sweet – very addicting! You don’t have to use sugar at all for this recipe, so I just used one spoon of Xylitol to sweeten the pastry. Try to buy sugar free, natural apricot jam. I […]

Salmon Croquettes.

These are very easy to make salmon cakes and they are perfect for someone on low budget too. I usually try to avoid tinned food, but a good quality wild tinned salmon tastes great and is quite healthy. This is “clean” meal suitable for someone trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle […]

Japanese Wasabi Dressing.

I love Asian cuisine and was influenced a lot by it when I was growing up in the far east of Russia. I always liked spicy food, especially Korean Kim-Chi made with cabbage or fern (yes, you can eat fern and it’s delicious!). And of course I love wasabi, but I find it […]

Sweet Chili Sauce.

Homemade chili sauce is very simple to make and much healthier than those sauces from store. In this recipe, I use light agave nectar instead of sugar to bring the Glycemic Load down and it is still tastes just like the “real” thing. It really is difficult to do anything wrong here – […]


This has become my weekend staple: I bake my bread and make this hummus to have with wine. My husband and I love it, but I must warn you, this one is a bit bitter, because I add more Tahini paste. If you like lighter taste, add 2tbsp instead of 3. It’s easy […]

Olive Oil Spelt Crackers.

These savoury crackers/biscuits are very easy to make and go well with any dip. Mild spicy flavour makes them very addictive. I didn’t manage to make a picture of the final product, because they were gone faster than I could pull my camera out. Well, not quite, but I did made a batch […]