Green Quinoa Salad.

This healthy quinoa salad is bursting with flavour of fresh herbs and spices. It is excellent for a lunch base, main side dish or a light summer salad. Prepared in advance, it can be stored in an airtight container for up to three days in a fridge and used for […]

Green Side Salad.

Wow, I haven’t been updating for a while! I have been very busy with my other blog: so, didn’t have a chance to pop back here. I’m also on my three weeks detox diet, where I eat very simple meals, that are not boring, but not too exciting to post here either. […]

Broccoli And Apple Salad

Another “clean” recipe of mine, that is fast to make and very healthy. I know broccoli is not very exciting, although it should be, because it’s full of calcium and cancer-fighting nutrients. So I mixed up some spices and apple to make it more delicious and nutritious. This recipe is suitable for those […]

Scallops And Papaya Salad

This is very colorful and refreshing dish for the hot summer evening. Full of flavour, packed with carotenoids, enzymes and antioxidants and very light. You can use cold pressed flax oil or walnut oil for the salad for extra Omega 3 benefit. If you can’t find raw salt, substitute it with low sodium […]

10 Delicious DIY Salad Dressings

I’ve Stumbled Upon this and tried all of the dressings below. They are delicious indeed and very easy and fast to make. My favourite is the Dill one, but they all taste good, so I’ve desided to “press this” for my future reference in case the original will disappear. Below are my edited vegetarian versions.


Tofu salad with thai-style dressing.

This thai dressing is one of my favourite and makes ordinary salad very delicious! And it’s healthy too. Ingredients for a main course for 2 or a starter for 4.

Salad: 100g/4oz baby sweetcorn, halved 280-300g (one packet) firm tofu, cut into cubes 1 tbsp soy sauce 50g/about one medium sized iceberg lettuce, shredded Half […]

Courgette salad with raisins, olives and goat's cheese

This salad is good for a light summer lunch. You can substitute goats’s cheese with feta or vegan cheese. I like this one and it’s available in larger health shops. I buy it from Wimbledone based Health Zone.

For two portions you will need:


1 tbsp sherry 1 tbsp sherry vinegar or red wine […]