Japanese Wasabi Dressing.

I love Asian cuisine and was influenced a lot by it when I was growing up in the far east of Russia. I always liked spicy food, especially Korean Kim-Chi made with cabbage or fern (yes, you can eat fern and it’s delicious!). And of course I love wasabi, but I find it […]

Sweet Chili Sauce.

Homemade chili sauce is very simple to make and much healthier than those sauces from store. In this recipe, I use light agave nectar instead of sugar to bring the Glycemic Load down and it is still tastes just like the “real” thing. It really is difficult to do anything wrong here – […]


This has become my weekend staple: I bake my bread and make this hummus to have with wine. My husband and I love it, but I must warn you, this one is a bit bitter, because I add more Tahini paste. If you like lighter taste, add 2tbsp instead of 3. It’s easy […]

10 Delicious DIY Salad Dressings

I’ve Stumbled Upon this and tried all of the dressings below. They are delicious indeed and very easy and fast to make. My favourite is the Dill one, but they all taste good, so I’ve desided to “press this” for my future reference in case the original will disappear. Below are my edited vegetarian versions.


Very quick and easy coriander pesto

It’s best to make it in food processor or blender. This raw pesto is tangy, delicious and tasty. I served it with grilled salmon fillets and boiled new potatoes, but it will be great on absolutely anything!

For 2 generous servings:

Half a bunch of coriander Half a bunch of parsley 1 ripe lime 3-4 […]

Spanish sugar and gluten free tomato sause

Nuts is quite unusual ingredient, but this is what makes this sauce so nice and a bit crunchy and it’s sugar and gluten free! I served it mounted on top of grilled trout fillets on the bed of red quinoa.

Serves 2 generous or 4 small portions:

1 heaped tsp each, unsalted: almonds, pine nuts […]