Pan Fried Sea Bass With Feta & Bean Salad.

I personally do not need a special occasion to treat myself to a nice meal, but sometimes I make something that is healthy and has enough wow-factor to serve to guests, so I sort of make a note to self that I have to repeat this recipe one day. This is such recipe […]

King Prawns In Spicy Orange Sauce.

I found the original recipe at, but as usual, I had to change it to my requirements. I swapped canola oil for coconut oil, because I try not to use vegetable oils in my cooking as they are unstable and provide too much PUFAs. Coconut oil compliments spicy food very well, […]

Scallops And Papaya Salad

This is very colorful and refreshing dish for the hot summer evening. Full of flavour, packed with carotenoids, enzymes and antioxidants and very light. You can use cold pressed flax oil or walnut oil for the salad for extra Omega 3 benefit. If you can’t find raw salt, substitute it with low sodium […]

Spicy yogurt marinated trout with quinoa tabbouleh

The fish marinade is spicy, with a touch of sweet from yogurt. Definitely one of my favorite this one. Allow at least 2 hours for fish to marinade. You can use salmon or cod instead of trout and if you don’t mind wheat and gluten, using bulgur wheat can be nice too.

Serves 2 […]

King Prawns Sticks with Almond Satay Sauce

In this recipe, I use raw almond butter rather than traditional peanut butter to make satay sauce. Almond butter is much healthier then peanut butter and I think it taste better too! You can buy it in bigger health stores.

Serves 2:

For the sticks: 250g large cooked prawns with tails on Juice of one […]

Grilled scallops with green sauce, vegetables and noodles.

For this recipe try to find fresh king scallops. I’ve used frozen ones and the dish was very good, but I had to defrost them for 8 hours and I think fresh ones are softer. I remember melting-in-the-mouth taste when I used to live by the sea and scallops were available daily and were cheap […]