Spicy & Crispy Baked Kale.

We all know that kale is super healthy, but I always found it a bit bland and uninteresting. Until I have tried to bake it that is. I’ve experimented quite a lot with different flavours and found this particular one to be the best for my taste, as it is both spicy and cheesy. Speaking […]

Spiced Sweet Carrots.

This is one of my favorite way of eating carrots. Generally, I find them quite boring, but cooked in this way, they make for a good snack or side dish. The spices that I use also remind me of Christmas and of course I make these carrots quite often during winter months. The […]

Low Carb Pasta With Vegan & Nut-Free Pesto.

This was the first time I cooked low carb Dreamfields pasta and the result was wonderful! I prefer to stick to a low GI diet, so I used to buy wholegrain pasta before, but no matter what brand and price band I went for, the result was always the same – it was […]

Homemade Energy Balls.

These are much healthier than energy snacks you buy in stores. They are perfect to chew on after cardio workout or if you need a little extra energy at work, but don’t want to buy a candy bar. Sugar is a good temporary energy and cognitive enhancer, so these date and nut balls […]


This has become my weekend staple: I bake my bread and make this hummus to have with wine. My husband and I love it, but I must warn you, this one is a bit bitter, because I add more Tahini paste. If you like lighter taste, add 2tbsp instead of 3. It’s easy […]

Immune Boosting Green Smoothie

This smoothie is with protein, so it can be post-workout too. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, healthy oils, protein and fibre – it’s a proper boost and an excellent drink after a run or as a meal replacement. Ginger is warming, anti-bacterial and an antioxidant. You can add more of it if […]

Post Workout Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Whoa! I haven’t been here for a year! My previous job took all of my time, I was not cooking at all and was not inspired. Not good. Now I’m temporary free of toil and coming back to my old self. I’m getting back to my bodybuilding routine so I thought I’d post one of […]

Spiced Hasselback Potatoes

These spicy potatoes are very tasty and excellent for lunch, side dish or in salad. It is best to use small salad potatoes for this recipe. Also, use a wooden spoon to facilitate cutting the potatoes to an even depth.


1 Bag (800 g) small potatos, scrubbed ½ tsp Ground Ginger ½ […]

Very quick and easy to make oat and raisin bars.

I call this one “noms”, because they are so addictive. It is amazing how good they taste with just 3 ingredients! These sweet bars are sugar free, low fat, low GI and perfect for breakfast on the go or when you have munchies.

All measurements are approximate, you just have to make sure the end […]