Grilled scallops with green sauce, vegetables and noodles.

For this recipe try to find fresh king scallops. I’ve used frozen ones and the dish was very good, but I had to defrost them for 8 hours and I think fresh ones are softer. I remember melting-in-the-mouth taste when I used to live by the sea and scallops were available daily and were cheap and fresh…and not farmed. This recipe is for two people; you will need:

1 carrot
100g french beans, trimmed
1 small pointy pepper
6 spring onions
50ml-100ml vegetable stock
Rice or udon noodles
12 scallops
a little extra virgin olive oil

Green sauce:

100-120g spinach, washed and drained
a bunch (about 25g) of chives
25g fresh coriander
15g fresh basil
1 tbsp (app. 2 cm) fresh ginger, grated
250ml vegan gluten free vegetable stock
2 tbsp greek youghurt
*optional – 1 tbsp potato flour

1. First make the sauce. Place first 6 ingridients in a food frocessor and blend until smooth. Stir in yoghurt and leave until required.

2. Cut all vegetables into long stripes and steam-fry it for a few minutes, until just soft. Remove from the heat. Cook the noodles according instructions on the pack, then drain and toss with vegetables. If using pre-cooked noodles, add them to vegetables and heat through.

3. Brush the scallops with a little oil and cook under a very hot grill for 3 minutes on each side. Do not overcook. If you are not sure whether they cooked or not, cut one in half – it should be white through. They also tend to shrink a bit when ready to eat, but if you overcook them, they will shrink too much.

4. This step is optional and depends on whether you like thicker or lighter sauses. If you do prefer thick consistency, pour the sauce into a pan over a medium heat and bring to the boil. Add the potato flour, stirring all the time until the mixture thikens. Remove from the heat. I personally skiped this step, because I prefer runny sauses and it’s healthier if you do not boil it 🙂

5. Spoon the noodles with vegetables on plates, arrange cooked scallops on top and drizzle Green Sauce over the top. Alternatively, you could coat the plates in sauce first, especially if you skip step 4, because you’ll have more sause then.

I washed it down with a glass of Rieslig 🙂

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