Kimchi - Korean Superfood.

I just wanted to share my latest food craze – vacuum packed Kimchi. I am well familiar with Korean cuisine, as I was growing up in the far east and I love Korean and Japanese food. However, it was quite difficult to find these foods here inĀ  London when I first moved here. I am very happy to see the Clearspring range of Japanese foods has grown over the past few years and was introduced to most major supermarkets, but Korean foods are still hard to find. However, most good health food stores are now selling this vacuum-packed Kimchi, which is amazing! I know it’s always good to make your own from scratch, but this one does not contain MSG, which is so common in prepacked Asian foods – even miso soups has it! All ingredients there are quite good. It is not vegetarian though, as it contains fermented anchovy sauce andĀ salted shrimp sauce.

Kimchi tastes great and is very healthy. It contains naturally occurring probiotic bacteria, B-vitamins, vitamin C, carotene, Iron, lots of fibre, Glutamine and it is very low in calories and almost zero fat. I’m not going to bore you with the complete nutritional breakdown and you can read more about the history of Kimchi and its health benefits here. I’m just glad that it is widely available in stores now and I would recommend it to anyone. Try it, it’s really tasty. It goes very well with rice, mashed potatoes (mmmm….) or just with a slice of bread. You can also mix it with eggs and add it to soups.

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