Photos from my holiday in Norway

Wow, I haven’t been here for a while! My new job as nutrition and supplements adviser in my local health store takes all my time. Anyway, we often go to Norway to visit my parents-in-law. They have a beautiful house by the sea and a huge kitchen! My dad-in-law is a great cook and every time I’m coming back home I always want to share pictures of his creations. Alas, I procrastinate, find other things to do and it never gets here. This time I decided I’ll post at least two of my recent images.

This one is my seafood paella I made one evening.

And this one is my dad-in-law’s dinner: whole baked trout with some salmon and white fish accompanied by new potatoes and vegetables…with lots of red wine.

I just came back, but I miss their home already *sigh*.

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