Raw Chocolate & Walnut Cookies

With no artificial sugar, raw and vegan these cookies are to die for they are so yummy and good. Adapted from the recipe at rawmazing.

I don’t have a dehydrator yet, so I changed a few measurements and ingredients and left them to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Makes 10 medium sized cookies:

  • 200g ground almonds
  • 8 tbsp (approx. 110g) ground seed mix or ground flax seeds. I’ve used Linwood Flax, Pupmkin, Sesame seed and Goji berries mix
  • 4 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 30ml extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil
  • 50ml  mineral water at room temperature
  • 100 ml agave nectar
  • 2 tbsp raw coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp raw almond butter
  • 1 tsp organic vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

  1. Mix almond flour and flax and cacao powder together avoiding any lumps. Sift the cacao powder if necessary.
  2. Stir in the rest of ingredients and mix well.
  3. When it is well mixed, stir in chopped walnuts. Don’t worry if you can’t incorporate all nuts into the sticky “dough”, just press the leftovers into the shaped cookies.
  4. Form the mixture into balls, press flat with palms and place on non-stick baking parchment.  Cool in the fridge for at least two hours.

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  • Coconut oil is good for health. It is not only good for hair and skin but also helps in maintaining cholestrol, blood pressure ,heart diseases etc.Also,coconut milk is not the stable food for all ages. Hence its better to use coconut oil instead of other refined/bran oils

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