Soy Sauce, Liquid Aminos or Tamari? What is Healthier?

What is the healthiest choice when it comes to using soy sauce in recipes? I have used various types of common soy sauces, Braggs liquid aminos and tamari sauce in my cooking before, but as I try to watch my sodium and gluten intake, I wanted to know which one is the better choice. So I did some digging and Tamari seems to be the healthiest option of all soy condiments.

Braggs Liquid Aminos taste like soy sauce and just like soy sauce it is very high in sodium. The difference between liquid aminos and soy sauce is that most soy sauces contain wheat and, subsequently, gluten, as well as colour and sometimes even preservatives. In this respect, liquid aminos are cleaner, since it is just isolated amino acids from soy, but due to high sodium content, not the healthiest of options. It is also the most expensive and hard to find of all three, so really, not worth the effort.

Tamari’s  recipe is closest to the original soy sauce that was introduced to Japan from China. It is brewed by fermentation process from miso and therefore contains much less sodium and no wheat or gluten. It also should be free of any colours and preservatives. It is thicker than conventional soy sauce and tastes stronger. Tamari can be found in most well-stocked health food stored and in supermarkets gluten-free section.

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