Stuffed Orange.

This is not a recipe but rather an idea that I would like to share. I don’t have anything decent looking for serving soft desserts like puddings. My ramekins are too small and the rest of the wares are not pretty enough. So I’ve spotted this idea of serving a pudding in the orange skin in some magazine – I don’t remember which one, sorry – but I couldn’t find large enough oranges to make it. Well, here it is finally and I must say it looked fabulous!

You can make any chocolate or non-chocolate pudding of your choice and fill the oranges with it. I bet it would taste yummy and look fantastic with some lemon pudding or key lime cheesecake. The key is to buy very large oranges with not too thick skin, but just thick enough for it to hold while baking. Once your pudding base/dough is ready, wash your oranges thoroughly, then cut the top off. With a serrated knife, carve out most of pulp and membranes. It’s OK if you’ll have a bit left at the bottom as long as you remove most of it – the leftover pulp will give off juices while cooking and mix in with the flavour of your pudding. Reserve the pulp for juice or salad and fill the oranges with a dessert of your choice. Bake according to your cooking instructions.

I’ve made a dark chocolate and orange pudding with brandy. Yum!

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